Our Story

It’s pretty simple, really.

You can’t always pay for what you want up front. Sometimes you want to pay it over time. It should be easy, but it isn’t always. Many of those payment options are, frankly, no good.

Restrictive lock-in contracts.

Dodgy fine print and hidden fees.

No flexibility or option to change.

It seems like they’re out to take advantage. So often if you can’t pay up front (or in one month) you’re out of luck.

We reckon that’s not good enough. That’s why we started Gimmie.

How It Works

What we’re about

Gimmie is all about giving you a better way to get what you want.

One that’s fairer, more flexible and transparent.

We set out to put fairness back in finance, and choice in your hands.

We’re just getting started. Spread the word and join the movement!

Our Beliefs

We believe that working Australians deserve a stress-
free, catch-free way of getting what they want.

We believe that life’s complex and unexpected things
happen, and we all need a Plan B.

We believe finance can be friendly. We believe in building partnerships and connections with our customers.

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