Why Gimmie?

Payment plans without the dodgy stuff.

Gimmie is here to give you a better, fairer way to get what you want.

One that gives you the flexibility to pay out early and pay less.

No hidden clauses or nasty surprises. Just fairer finance and a better way to buy.

A flexible payment plan with no nasties


Gimmie what you need

Have you ever needed something important but just couldn’t afford it at the time?

Whether your fridge just broke down or your washing machine is on its last legs, when you need a replacement, you need it – fast.

With Gimmie, you can get what you need now, and pay it off over a time that suits you – without the pressure of a once off payment.


Gimmie what you want

Want to treat yourself to a new TV and sound system but just don’t have the cash right now? Or maybe you do have the cash, but just don’t want to pay it all up front.

Gimmie gives you the freedom and flexibility to pay over time (up to 24 months), to help, you get what you want, when you want it. Easy.


Gimmie a plan B

Life never seems to go as planned.

You might have figured you could pay for that new TV over 8 weeks, but then your car breaks down – now you’re strapped for cash and locked in to a payment plan*.

Gimmie gives you a plan B. Get approved for 12 or 24 months but pay it off as early as you want. If you pay in 90 days, you’ll pay no more than cash price.

Payment plans to suit your lifestyle

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How Gimmie Stacks Up

There’s a lot of payment options out there. We reckon Gimmie is simply better.

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

You may pay a lot for a long time
Buy now pay later
Buy now, pain later
Interest free schemes
Buy now, pay forever…
Credit cards
Can be a trap if you don’t repay in full